Extract Tags from YouTube Videos with View and Copy Video Tags

When you extract tags from YouTube videos, you can build out your own highly targeted tag list.  Maybe you want to use some of the same video tags as your main competitor on YouTube, or maybe you’re looking to mine your own videos to ensure you’re using tags consistently. Whatever the case, TubeBuddy View and Copy Video Tags is the best way to extract tags from YouTube videos.  With TubeBuddy View and Copy Video Tags, creators can easily optimize their YouTube video tags, extract video tags from YouTube videos and save them to a list, and even see which tags competitors are using and ranking for.  Why YouTube Video Tags are Important Tags are an important part of SEO; optimizing your YouTube videos to be found by The Algorithm. Tags are not the most important factor; YouTube looks at title, then description, then tags in that order. Still, top three. Tags are key to how videos are categorized on YouTube and optimizing YouTube video tags for your content is important. Tagged videos are more likely to be recommended to viewers when they watch a video with similar tags. Whether you’re creating #makeup tutorials, #speedruns of your favorite game, or spending… Continue reading Extract Tags from YouTube Videos with View and Copy Video Tags