Join TubeBuddy & BEN to Celebrate International Creator Day!

Katie Kiss
April 19, 2022
YouTube Takeaways

Following the success of the first International Creator Day in 2021, we’re thrilled to celebrate content creators again on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022. 

On International Creator Day, we’re celebrating YOU, the creator.

We’re bringing together some of the biggest creators on the planet, like Neekolul, MrBeast, and Typical Gamer, for special messages and an 8-hour live stream dedicated to YOU!

There’ll be games, giveaways, and prizes just for you in the biggest celebration of creators! Find out more about your dedicated day in the following video:

The creator community does so much good – you inspire us, educate us, entertain us, and comfort us in times of need. Entertainment is no longer confined to film or TV, and education and information no longer exclusively live behind library or classroom walls. 

User-generated content from creators across all walks of life deeply connects people at all levels – and we think that’s something truly worth celebrating.

What is International Creator Day, and why April 23rd?

Until last year, something fundamental was missing from our calendars – a special day for viewers to recognize the impact that content creators, big and small, have made in their lives. 

April 23rd is the day the first video was published on YouTube back in 2005, launching the era of the social video content creator.

In the 17 years since that video was published, the way we consume information and entertainment has changed beyond all recognition.

Not to mention, being an online creator has become a real opportunity- with real careers and earning potential. Millions of creators are leaving their 9-5s behind to pursue their passions full-time. 

The creator economy is booming!

As a content creator, you’re not “just” a YouTuber or a kid with a camera. You’re an expert, a resource, a friend, a researcher,  storyteller, filmmaker, editor, and perhaps an entrepreneur.

Anyone who has tried to create a YouTube video knows the struggle. But the beauty of social video is that you have the opportunity to change your life and the life of others with your work.

We are constantly inspired by our community, the YouTube creators, and how you’re shaping the world we live in.

How to Celebrate International Creator Day

We believe the best way to celebrate International Creator Day is to highlight the impact creators make. There are so many ways to celebrate this special day. Here a just a few:

Join the Live Stream Celebration

Tune in to the Live Stream on Saturday, April 23, from 8 AM – 4 PM PT at to hear from some of your favorite creators, play some games, and win some giveaways!

Share YOUR Origin Story

Every YouTube creator had to start somewhere. We’d love to see the first videos you published and how far you’ve come. Just share a screenshot, video clip, or link to your first published video using the hashtags #CreatorDay and #WhereItStarted. Visit TubeBuddy on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for special challenges that get you entered to win some awesome prizes.

Share the Love for Another Creator

Is there a YouTube creator that you turn to when you want to be entertained? Share a link to their channel on your social pages, and encourage your followers to do the same. 

Collaborate with a New Creator

Reach out and help celebrate and promote a new or up-and-coming creator. Partner up on a collaboration for both your channels.

Take the Leap and Become a Creator Yourself!

If you have ever considered becoming a creator, use Creator Day to take the plunge. All you need is an idea and a smartphone to get you started and publish your first piece of content. 

And don’t forget to utilize the hashtag #CreatorDay so all of your celebrations can be seen across the globe.

April 23rd 2022: Celebrate You and All That Creators Do

So please join us in celebrating the creator community on April 23rd. TubeBuddy will be hosting an eight-hour live streaming party on our YouTube channel from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time. To find out more ways that you can help celebrate the creator community, head over to 

And until then, keep creating!

Katie Kiss

Katie Kiss is the Associate Director of Community and Social Media at TubeBuddy. She is focused on creating community programs and events that inspire and empower TubeBuddy’s community of creators.