Why Small Channels Should Start Posting YouTube Shorts ASAP!

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Carla Marshall
February 15, 2023
Why Small Channels Should START Posting YouTube SHORTS ASAP

If you’re not posting YouTube Shorts, you’re just going to miss the boat when it comes to generating views and subscribers. That’s just a fact.

In this post, we’re going to give you some tips on how you can get started right away so you can just hit the ground running.

We know that many of you are still skeptical about YouTube Shorts, so let’s just look at the facts:

#1 YouTube is going all in on Shorts. They recently announced expanded monetization options, new features, profit sharing for creators, and a massive music library. 

#2 Shorts have insane discoverability. Helping creators do in months what used to take them years. 

Right now, YouTube Shorts are like the wild wild West. They have insane opportunity and low competition leading to faster growth and visibility for creators who start now, but it won’t last forever. As more creators catch on to the value of Shorts, and in 2023, when advertisers start investing heavily into ads, and more creators start to turn from other platforms to make a profit, the competition will rise. And those creators who start now will have the advantage.

If you have any interest in YouTube Shorts, start posting them now for these three reasons. Read our insights below or take a look at our video on the subject:

2 Reasons Why Small Channels Should Start Posting YouTube Shorts Now!

#1 you can start to benefit from the low competition and high discoverability of Shorts. 

#2 you can learn and perfect your Short strategy before competition rises so your long-form videos can get more views. Yes, you heard that right. This was not always the case, but your posting Shorts will 100% benefit your long-form videos. And we have lots of proof. YouTube creators who post long-form and short-form videos are getting more views because the algorithm is recommending your long-form videos to viewers who watch your channel through Shorts. 

YouTube also confirmed that:

“Still more lanes under construction on the Shorts to long-form bridge. Don’t judge the traffic flow you’re seeing today as the ultimate potential of this path.”

Get your act together regarding YouTube Shorts right now. Today. The sooner you start, the more advantage you will have as a creator.

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