TubeBuddy’s Creator Celebrations – Christina Doukouziani

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December 3, 2020

Meet Christina.

A YouTube and Online Business Educator based in Greece, Christina has found her niche teaching other fellow Greek creators. It may be daunting to create a non-English speaking channel, but she hasn’t let that stop her.

We had a chance to talk to Christina and learn a bit more about her life as a creator.

Tell us a bit about your channel.
Make Video Greece is the first educational channel in Greece focusing on YouTube tutorials and online business advice. Our community has grown to 35,000 subscribers and more than 2 million views. What you can find at Make Video Greece is tutorials on how to build your YouTube channel, how to upgrade your digital skills and how to grow your online business.

Why did you become a creator?
It all started when I uploaded a DIY bracelet video in 2015 as an easy way to share it with a friend.  I was always fascinated by the generosity of the YouTube educators community worldwide and I decided to give it a try. Ever since that first video, I’ve been regularly uploading videos explaining to my audience all the things I’ve been learning in my journey of building my YouTube channel and online business. I find there is a higher purpose in creating educational videos and sharing knowledge openly. It’s truly amazing how YouTube can transform a passion into a business.

Where do you get inspiration for your videos?
My videos are mainly inspired by all the things I am learning in the journey of growing my YouTube channel and business. Another big source of inspiration is the amazing English speaking YouTube creators community.

Who are some of your favorite YouTube creators?
My favorite creators are the YouTube educators – most of them have greatly  contributed to who I am as a creator today.

What one piece advice would you give to your fellow creators?
My advice is to find the one thing that you are passionate about and create a YouTube channel around your passion. YouTube is hard and if you don’t get excited about your topic, it makes it nearly impossible to be consistent.
Also, for those of you who think that there is no chance to grow a YouTube channel in foreign languages, please think twice. Non-English speaking channels in many cases have much lower competition and ‘ceteris paribus’, it would be easier for you to grow.

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