Announcing TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts

Andrew Moore-Crispin
February 9, 2023
TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts

YouTube is serious about Shorts, and with the latest update to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), YouTube creators can get a cut of ad revenue.

Before this update, it was possible to make money with Shorts, but growing your channel was the primary reason for long-form creators to consider short-form video too. Growing your channel with Shorts remains a solid strategic reason. Direct monetization of Shorts for creators in the YPP may well be the tipping point.

As more creators look to add Shorts to their strategy, TubeBuddy has just the thing to help.

Announcing TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts

If you’re already saying, “I’m in!” skip ahead and sign up for the Suggested Shorts beta.

Still with us? Great. Let’s look at how TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts works and how it can help creators — especially long-form creators — get serious about Shorts.

How Suggested Shorts Works for Your YouTube Channel

Cutting stand-alone chunks out of long-form videos is the easiest way to create Shorts. 

With that in mind, TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts highlights exactly where audiences have engaged your most successful long-form videos, complete with timecodes. This simple insight makes it easy to cut a video to share as a Short, which can be monetized and also drive Shorts viewers back to your channel. If you need a little more motivation to jump into the edit suite, Suggested Shorts also gives a prediction for what kind of engagement you can expect to see. 

Cutting Shorts out of long-form videos is one tactic, but shooting brand-new shorts may yield better results. We’ve heard from creators who say knowing what Shorts to create is the biggest thing standing in the way of getting started. Suggested Shorts also helps creators overcome that barrier. Suggested Shorts give creators insight into what net new Shorts content they can create based on what hooked the audience in successful long-form videos. 

TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts will launch in early March to all subscribers at the Pro, Star, and Legend + levels. At the Pro level, creators receive two Suggested Shorts recommendations at a time, Star subscribers see three, and Legend + will see all recommendations.

Get Beta Access Now

We’re running an open beta. Sign up for the beta to get early access and share your feedback to help make Suggested Shorts even better when it launches in early March.