How to Stand Out as a Gaming Creator on YouTube

As a niche, gaming is pretty saturated. Gaming has even spilled beyond the confines of YouTube to have its own platform in Twitch. If you want to make an impact as a gaming content creator, this is a challenge. TubeBuddy helps gaming content creators stand out, but there’s not a lot of room for gaming generalists at this point. It pays to pick a sub-niche. The sheer number of gaming content creators is a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity; there are a lot of lessons to be learned from other creators.  With that in mind, below are the top things we see gaming creators doing right, and doing wrong, as they try to make a name for themselves in this competitive content niche. We’ve also included some ideas and lessons that every YouTube creator — not just those battling it out in gaming — can use.  Use the comments to let us know what you think we got right, what we got wrong, and your own thoughts and tactics. When creators work together, we all achieve better outcomes.  You Have a Dream You pick up your favorite title, plug in, and start streaming. The fans come rolling in. soon,… Continue reading How to Stand Out as a Gaming Creator on YouTube

Getting Started on YouTube: Some Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Being a YouTube creator isn’t easy, but nor is working on an oil rig… and I know which one I prefer. In 2016 I was a freshly promoted operations manager for a multi-million dollar drilling and wellhead company in the oil-rich Eagleford Shale of South Texas. In my work, I had suffered broken fingers, two blown discs in my back, a hernia, and a concussion. I was working 138 hour weeks and was disillusioned, seeing money getting thrown at safety problems and an unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude to worker injuries.  On Easter I sat down with my dad and brother who were also working in the oilfield. We had a fun chat about what we would do if we ever got away from these jobs. I wanted to fish… but I knew I didn’t want to run charters or a commercial vessel. I love being out on the water with family. I didn’t want to spoil that by turning my hobby into work. That’s how my journey as a creator began. In 2016, I launched the Stanley Orchard YouTube channel.  I decided I would go all-in on sharing my family fishing experiences with the world in the hopes… Continue reading Getting Started on YouTube: Some Lessons Learned the Hard Way