6 Things Creators Can Do With TubeBuddy Legend

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November 7, 2019
TubeBuddy Legend

The Legend license is our top tier license and gives you access to everything TubeBuddy has to offer, including our advanced tools like A/B testing. A Legend license is ideal for creators and businesses who are focused on learning all of the ins and outs of their channel and brand. But other than getting all of the benefits from a Pro and a Star license, what else is in a Legend license? 
Here are six things you can do with TubeBuddy Legend.
Test Your Thumbnails to Generate More CTR
Thumbnails play a vital role in your videos. Even if your video ranks first in search, people won’t click if the thumbnail doesn’t appeal to them. You can always ask other creators to review your thumbnails or get feedback from your viewers, but one person’s opinion isn’t always the same as the general population. The best way to know if your thumbnail is working is through A/B testing.
This feature is available in the Account Page. Here you will be able to select two thumbnails you want to test – the original (A) and the variant (B) – and you can choose how long you want the test to run. After you’ve set up the test, we will automatically switch your videos thumbnail from A to B every 24 hours. Once the test finishes, we compare the stats from each variant and report back our findings. Then you’ll have the option to choose which option you want to move forward with.
A/B testing can also be applied to metadata like titles, descriptions, and tags. By testing different variants, you can  know which style of title earns more clicks, or how your video performs in general with different metadata. Please keep in mind that changes to your metadata can temporarily cause your video to drop out of search while YouTube reindexes it. 
Get Notified Whenever Someone Makes a Video About Your Brand
If you have an established brand or a business, it’s helpful to know who’s talking about you on YouTube. Never miss any feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, with TubeBuddy’s Brand Alert. You can find this feature on the TubeBuddy website.
This is a great way to be notified when someone uploads a video about your company or brand so you can respond. You’ll be able to let your community know that you care by responding to their videos and be able to find negative reviews so you can follow up and fix their problems or learn how to improve your content for the better. Communication is key to building trust and loyalty.
Discover Which Videos Entice Your Viewers And Which Are Losing Them
It is essential to know which of your videos are keeping viewers engaged and which might be driving them away. With TubeBuddy’s Retention Analyzer, you can see how your videos are performing across various time intervals. This can be extremely helpful to learn the percentage of people who make it to the one minute mark, halfway, or all the way to the end screen. You can find this tool on
If you have a low retention rate in the beginning of your video, it may be helpful to change up your intro sequence and compare the data. If most of your videos are at 50% for the half minute mark, then you’re doing a great job, however, there is always room to improve.
See How You Stack Up Against Your Competitors
In every niche, you’ll always have a competitor. Whether friend or foe, it’s helpful to keep up with them. With TubeBuddy’s Competitor Scorecard, you can compare your channel with your competitor through stats from the last thirty days or lifetime. You can check their recent uploads for ideas for future videos, see how frequently you each upload a video, and many more helpful stats. All of this can be imported into a CSV file or printed out if needed. Additionally, you can choose to be notified when they upload a video via email, text, or through TB notification. This feature can be found on the TubeBuddy website.
Identify Your Subscribers And Patrons With Ease
How do you know if the people under your comment section are your subscribers? Other than recognizing the same name and avatar, the only way is to search through your list. This can be tedious, especially when you have over a thousand subscribers. It can get even trickier if you have a Patreon and want to identify your Patrons. With TubeBuddy’s Comment Spotlight, we highlight your subscribers and Patrons, so you can identify them immediately. Easily distinguish comments so you can continue to build connections with your subscribers and patrons.
Note that you’ll have to integrate with Patreon first before the Comment Spotlight can find your Patrons. Combining this with the Comment Filter, you can select to see only comments from your subscribers or Patrons. It’ll be simple to find their comments and reply to them.

Expand Your Reach To Other Countries With Auto Translator
YouTube is a global community with many viewers in non-English speaking countries. Don’t let the opportunity slip away and let those potential subscribers go simply because you don’t speak their language. With the Auto Translator, you can translate your title and description to another language. This can help you rank your videos in another language and also get your videos to show up in Related Videos on other videos around the world.
Pair this with our other tool called Language Analysis to get a breakdown of languages spoken by your audience. Currently, you can only find this in Studio Classic along with the Auto Translator. YouTube is a global platform, so take advantage and boost your videos in other countries.
The TubeBuddy Legend license unlocks advanced research tools like A/B Testing and Brand Alerts. It expands your limit on how many keywords you can track, and how well it does on Google with the Keyword Rank Tracker. For up and coming creators or hobbyists, this can be a substantial package. But for businesses, and those of you who are dedicated to the craft, the Legend license is a hefty unit that can be utilized for maximum results.
As with every paid license, it comes with TubeBuddy Member Perks, which you can learn more about here. If you’re interested in trying out what the Legend license has to offer, we do have free trials at