4 Things You Need to Know About TubeBuddy Star

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October 2, 2019
TubeBuddy Star

A TubeBuddy Star license is our second-tier license and the most popular choice among creators. It is great for creators who are looking to save time by automating procedures that typically would take several minutes to do manually. 

Here are four things you can do with TubeBuddy Star: 

#1 Sunset and Schedule Publish Unlisted Videos:

Even though YouTube has its own scheduling system, it doesn’t provide enough options, nor does it allow unlisted videos to be scheduled. For example, it can be a bother for creators who want to give early access to their patrons. This can be solved with TubeBuddy’s Scheduled Publish tool. Not only will it arrange a time to post, but it can also be added to a playlist automatically, so you don’t need to worry about that after publication.

If you have a video with an expiration date, you can use the Sunset Video tool to take the video down at a scheduled time. It works the same way as the Scheduled Publish, including removing it from its playlist. It’s helpful for making short announcements through video or if you need to set a video’s privacy at a specific time in the future.

#2 Publish to Facebook:

If you’re planning on creating and/or maintaining a Facebook Page similar to your YouTube Channel, you’ll have to manually upload to two different platforms. You can always post a link to your YouTube video, but Facebook prefers if you keep your audience within their site and vice versa.

So normally, you would have to do the three-step process of uploading to YouTube and then copy and paste the metadata over to Facebook. With the Publish to Facebook tool, you can eliminate two of those steps.

Even though it might take you a minute or two to do the three-step process, those minutes can add up. TubeBuddy takes your video and its metadata and publishes it to Facebook, all the while staying within YouTube’s domain.

*Please note that Facebook views aren’t YouTube views. Your video could go viral on Facebook but not on YouTube, and vice versa. Don’t be discouraged, but instead, research why certain videos fare better on Facebook or YouTube.*

#3 Backup Your Channel:

As a Pro user, you’re able to back up your channel; however, with a Star license, you’ll also be able to export it as CSV. It’ll conserve all of your metadata, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your channel information is backed up. If by a terrible accident, your channel gets terminated, it’ll be easy to get your videos back up with the saved info.

From a business perspective, this is a future focus-heavy tool. It can be employed in conjunction with the keyword rank tracker for long-term research purposes on how well your SEO performs over the year. And it can show improvements in your metadata over time. It’s also useful when you want an organized view in a spreadsheet and for when you need your metadata for other platforms or marketing.

#4 Get Suggestions for Your Videos

If you log into TubeBuddy, you’ll find the Launch Pad Dashboard, which comes with an upload checklist, Best Practices, and the Opportunity Finder. You can also find the Launch Pad in the Upload Page and Creator Studio. The Opportunity Finder provides suggestions for your videos based on growth and performance. It is customizable, so you’ll be able to choose the setup.

It’ll inform you whether your video’s audience retention rate is higher or lower than the channel’s average, or if someone has commented, but you’ve yet to respond, and many more. Find out which videos are performing better so you’ll know what kind of videos to make for the future. Know where the drop-off point is so you can add a card at that spot to entice viewers to watch another video. Similar to the Upload Checklist and Best Practices, this tool is like a double-check for your video. Never miss out on an opportunity with TubeBuddy.

The major reason many people purchase a Star license is to get access to our time-saving tools. It is also great for business-oriented channels with channel backup and limited access to the Keyword Rank Tracker and Brand Alerts. And don’t forget, with every paid license, you get access to TubeBuddy’s Member Perks.