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Women of YouTube Podcast

Inspiring Female Creators on YouTube
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The Women of YouTube Podcast is hosted by Desiree Martinez.
Subscribe to Desiree's YouTube Channel and please enjoy the stories, experiences & knowledge given by the amazing women interviewed in this podcast.

039: Catherine Perry - Working with Passion
Jul 02, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Catherine Perry about how her channel has evolved over 8 years, dabbling here and there, until she rebranded in 2020 and directed her mission towards small businesses. She combines passion and calling teaching others to understand the power of video!

038 Carolyn Higgins - Overcoming the challenges of being a solo Woman RV-er
Jun 23, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Carolyn Higgins about being a full time RV-er and living my best life! We deep dive into how she has built her business from scratch while relieving the stress of the overhead costs of life. We go deep into her unwavering authenticity, challenges, and how she overcomes it all through her RV life.

037: Cara Leighty - Keeping True to Yourself While Building Relationships
Jun 16, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Cara Leighty about what drives her channel. Cara shares about how her channel evolved from very time consuming vlogging to what it is now. She creates to help bring joy, laughter, and relatability to everyone who watches her!

036: Dr. Shamieka Dean - Finding your purpose to fuel your passion
Jun 09, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Dr. Shamieka Dean about why her Facebook shutdown actually launched her into her fortune with Youtube, the importance of building relationships with your audience, and knowing how to make the greatest impact with your purpose. We dive deep into the importance of passion and purpose and there is no doubt you will feel absolutely fired up after hearing all Shamieka has to share. 

035: No Episode Out of Respect
Jun 02, 2020

The current cultural climate of the United States does not mesh with the content prepared for this podcast community. Out of respect for our minds and hearts, there will be no episode this week.

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