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Women of YouTube Podcast

Inspiring Female Creators on YouTube

The Women of YouTube Podcast is hosted by Desiree Martinez.
Subscribe to Desiree's YouTube Channel and please enjoy the stories, experiences & knowledge given by the amazing women interviewed in this podcast.

011: Marlene Mc’Cohen - Using Youtube Like A TV Show Not A Social Network
Dec 17, 2019

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I chat with Marlene Mc’Cohen about her Youtube channel that is dedicated to her Parrots. With almost 200,000 subscribers, she has built a “TV Show” around her day-to-day life her parrots using her skills as an editor and actress to tailor her brand and message that balances parrot education with her normal life. 

010: Amy Landino - The Evolution of a Brand Through Youtube
Dec 10, 2019

In this episode of Women of Youtube I talk with Amy Landino about how impossibly amazing women are and why we ladies can go after the life we want through Youtube, business, and starting your day on your terms.

009: Shelly Nathan - Why Women Should Lift Each Other Up
Dec 03, 2019

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Shelly Nathan about how she has overcome countless obstacles as a woman in the tech space, why women should be lifting each other up, and why we need more women to start recording to break down barriers on Youtube.

008: Meredith Marsh - Knowing When It’s Time To Change Things Up On Your Channel
Nov 26, 2019

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Meredith Marsh about how she got started with her channel to helping parents turn GoPro videos into memories for their family. But eventually, she had to find a way to do something more and she shares her process of pivoting her channel and her business.

007: Glory Kim - How Cultural Differences Built A Marriage Through Youtube To 1 Millions
Nov 20, 2019

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talked with Glory Kim from Slice n Rice about how they built their channel to over ONE MILLION subscribers through laughter and cultural differences. Coincidentally, they celebrated one million subscribers on their wedding day.

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