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Women of YouTube Podcast

Inspiring Female Creators on YouTube
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The Women of YouTube Podcast is hosted by Desiree Martinez.
Subscribe to Desiree's YouTube Channel and please enjoy the stories, experiences & knowledge given by the amazing women interviewed in this podcast.

060: Cindy - Working with BIG BRANDS through YouTube
Nov 24, 2020

Cindy started her YouTube career after finding herself plateauing as an instagram beauty influencer. After doing her research, Cindy decided to make the jump to YouTube, where she now runs a successful luxury bag unboxing and review channel (A Heated Mess)! 

059: Kerri - DIY YouTube Success
Nov 18, 2020

Kerri stumbled into her YouTube career after setting out to be a DIY blogger. After discovering that making videos came more naturally to her, and after seeing the success of her first ever DIY video... Kerri put all her effort into YouTube! She now runs an incredibly successful “cost effective” DIY channel (Mama Dares to DIY)!

058: Red - Being Unique on Youtube
Nov 11, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube Desiree sits down with Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions to discuss her incredibly unique Youtube channel. Red began her Youtube journey in her first year of high school after seeing creators doing things that really interested her in the animation realm. Her goal is to always be educational in a way that isn’t boring. They dive deep into the challenges of being a woman creator and the reality of hate that can come our way, even when you’re anonymous.

057: Stefanie O’Connell - Financial Conversations and Growth
Nov 03, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube Desiree sits down with Stefanie O’Connell. Stefanie started her Youtube channel with explainer videos showing how money works with Youtube. She has discovered the power of Youtube in helping others face the struggle, shame, and fear when it comes to money. Her passion in life is to help women engage with their money so she meets them where they are… on Youtube. Desiree and Stephanie dive deep into the realization that their content isn’t for everyone, it is there for the people it serves. Stefanie has an amazing heart focused on those who need her and the help she has to offer.

056: Resisting Youtube - Diana Gladney
Oct 27, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube Desiree sits down with Diana Gladney. Diana is a video production and editing expert who walks her followers through editing their videos with not only a successful system but educating them on how to make them efficient and effective. We dive deep into the challenge of refining your message and developing the audience you want over the audience you had drawn because it is not the content you want to be creating.

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