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Meet TubeBuddy’s most loved tools!

TubeBuddy users let us know which TubeBuddy features work best for Creators & brands. Here are some of the most popular tools.

Keyword Explorer

The ultimate keyword research tool for YouTube. Uncover what people are searching for on YouTube, rank higher in search results, get relevant video topic ideas and ultimately drive more views to your videos.

Available on all plans

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SEO Studio

A creator favorite! Use it to help your channel rank well in search and related videos. Put your Titles, Descriptions, Tags, and Thumbnails to the test!

Available on Pro and higher

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Bulk Processing

Quickly make bulk changes across your channel. Bulk update end screens, bulk delete cards, bulk delete comments, bulk find & replace, and many more. Save hundreds of hours by letting TubeBuddy Bulk Processing do the work.

Available on Star and higher

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A/B Testing

Discover which thumbnails, titles, tags & descriptions drive the most clicks and views to your videos. Test two versions of the same video side by side and see which one will rank best in YouTube. Launch the winning video, or test even further!

Available on Legend and higher

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