Channel Valuation

Channel Valuation

the #1 YouTube channel valuation tool

Get an assessment of how much your content is worth to advertisers with an expert valuation. Negotiate better deals and increase your earnings.

unlock higher rates with clear valuation data

Negotiating brand deals can be tricky when you're unsure what your channel is truly worth.

Value your content too low and you sell yourself short and miss out on potential earnings.

Value your content too high and brands may balk and move on to the next creator.

Get a clear, professional estimate of your channel's content value with Channel Valuation. With the TubeBuddy and Social Bluebook integration, you can get a fair value for your channel and your content quickly.

Approach brand negotiations armed with accurate, professional data, ensuring you're paid fairly for your influence and creativity. Stop guessing and start earning what you deserve.

monetize your content strategically with Channel Valuation

here's how Channel Valuation works

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how to get a valuation of your YouTube channel

  • Step 1: Visit TubeBuddy's "My Account" page and click "Integrations."
  • Step 2: Click the "Link Account" button to integrate TubeBuddy with Social Bluebook.
  • Step 3: Open TubeBuddy's menu on the YouTube Studio dashboard and click on "Valuation" under "Website Tools."
  • Step 4: See how much your content is worth to advertisers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of valuations will I get with Channel Valuation?

Channel Valuation will give you a suggested average valuation for:

  • A dedicated upload
  • A shout out
Next to each suggested price, you'll get a minimum and maximum price that you can use when selling promotional content.

For example, if your content's production quality is high, you could charge near the maximum estimation. Alternatively, if a brand you're partnering is small or they're getting a small shoutout at the end of the video, you could charge the lower end of the estimation.

What does Social Bluebook base its valuations on?

Social Bluebook uses a mix of factors to create their estimations, including:

  • Your channel's subscriber count
  • The average video views
  • The average engagement rate
  • The real-world brand deals that creators with similar audiences make

Is there any cost to creating an account for Social Bluebook?

No, there isn't. Signing up for Social Bluebook is completely free.

Is Channel Valuation free to use?

Yes, it is. We made it free for all TubeBuddy users so more creators can start charging more for their paid content. Just sign up with TubeBuddy and start earning what you deserve.

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