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TubeBuddy has been a YouTube Certified Company since 2015 and is listed in YouTube's official Service Provider Directory.
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Paladin Software

Paladin is the premier technology platform for multi-channel networks and next-generation media companies. Their software provides productivity and growth solutions that save time, eliminate manual processes, and increase revenue. Paladin handles all TubeBuddy Enterprise requests.

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TubeBuddy is an official Facebook Video Partner. We work closely with the Facebook dev team while building our cross-platform syndication tools.
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3PlayMedia's captioning services are integrated directly into TubeBuddy providing a simple and easy way to get your videos professionally captioned.

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VidPow help brands, nonprofits and entertainment companies' videos get seen and shared by creating content strategy, optimization, distribution, community development, online advertising, and conversion.

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Owen Hemsath is the mastermind behind Videospot. In addition to offering YouTube training on his website, Owen hosts our TubeBuddy webinars.

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Social Blue Book

Social Blue Book shares a common goal with TubeBuddy of empowering YouTubers and they do it by providing suggested values when negotiating brand deals.

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YouTube Creators Hub (Podcast)

The one stop shop for all things online video. The YouTube Creator Hub is here to help you on your journey to YouTube Success.

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VLOG Nation

Vlog Nation is an online magazine dedicated to guiding the current and upcoming generation of vloggers everywhere in starting, growing, monetizing, and managing their channels.

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The awesome gang at MagicLinks puts more dollars in your pocket by helping you create money making, ready-to-shop product links for your videos.

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VIDISEO was founded by Matt Ballek who has been responsible for developing and implementing advanced video strategies for numerous top brands.