@SauceStache Creator Spotlight

@SauceStache: Unleashing Creativity
in the Kitchen

Anyone can be a content creator. It takes drive and passion, and the ability to objectively look inward.


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Meet @SauceStache, the creator who blends creativity, food, and science.

Mark, AKA @SauceStache himself, is the mastermind behind the SauceStache channel. His passion for plant-based culinary exploration is matched only by knack for sharing and teaching.

What started as a simple suggestion from his then-girlfriend, now wife, blossomed into a full-fledged channel dedicated to plant-based foods, vegan copycat recipes. SauceStache gets into the science of flavors, and the art of cooking.

Inspired by Casey Neistat’s storytelling prowess, Mark embarked on a YouTube journey six years ago and has branched out, writing a vegan cookbook, and even dipping his toe into vegan sauces (not literally of course… that’d be super gross).

“I want to share my passion for food and science!! If you want to be more creative with your food and eat more plants, join me and let's learn about new and old recipes together." 

In the early days of his YouTube endeavor, @SauceStache discovered TubeBuddy and today calls it his secret weapon for channel growth.

"In my early research of growing on YouTube, TubeBuddy was one of the most suggested tools. I'm a very data-driven kind of content creator and TubeBuddy really plays into that," he explains. "The A/B testing feature has been indispensable as a tool, but everything from ranking tags, saving time on video uploads, TubeBuddy is a powerhouse tool for growing a channel!"

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“A thumbnail can make or break a video and it’s tough when a video underperforms because of a bad thumbnail or title!”

With TubeBuddy, @SauceStache has been able to optimize content, reach a wider audience, and truly unleash his creativity in the kitchen.

@SauceStache demonstrates first-hand that being a successful content creator is about more than just making videos. "Anyone can be a content creator, it takes drive and passion but also the ability to objectively look inward, look at your own content from a different perspective."

"Being a YouTuber changed my life," @SauceStache says, and TubeBuddy is proud to be a part of his creator journey.

I’m a very data-driven kind of content creator, and TubeBuddy really plays into that.”

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