@Muaaz Creator Spotlight

@Muaaz: The Content Creator’s Content Creator

"Building communities and empowering creators is not just a passion; it's my life's work."


277K Subscribers

Muaaz shares what he’s learned as a creator to help others grow

Meet @Muaaz, a dynamic YouTube, Discord, and Twitter/X influencer and Creator Educator who guides other creators and brands on their journey to build and monetize online communities.

His latest venture, poptags.gg, offers customizable drag-and-drop like, subscribe, follow, and similar lower-third animations that other creators can use in their content to boost viewer engagement and action.

From Creator to Creator Educator

The @Muaaz creator origin story will be familiar to many established creators and, we hope, an inspiration to many more aspiring creators:

“I grew up watching YouTube (commentaries, skits, gaming videos, you name it) and always thought the idea of building an audience that shares the same interests as you was super cool,” says Muaaz. “One day I realized if I spend so much time watching other Creators, I’m sure I could make content that people would want to watch too!”

And watch they do. Today, Muaaz boasts 277K subscribers on his YouTube channel, nearly 150K followers on X/Twitter, and the Muaaz Discord channel has nearly 12K active members. Wherever you find him online, Muaaz is sharing insights and actionable tips to help other creators grow.

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An Engaging Growth Strategy

@Muaaz’s proven advice for creator growth comes down to three main points: engage your audience, provide value to your community, and choose the right tools to optimize your content.

“Whenever I think of video ideas, I always run them through TubeBuddy to see if others have made similar videos on the topic, how those videos are performing, how the idea might perform on my channel.”

Recently, he discovered TubeBuddy A/B testing tools and suggests other creators would benefit from the insights that A/B testing content can hold. “Normally when you think about A/B testing, you think about testing multiple Thumbnails, but this tool lets you test more than Thumbnails! It’s so sick, everyone needs to give it a try.”

Muaaz also highlights the value of affiliate marketing programs (like the TubeBuddy affiliate program), even for smaller creators in the early stages of growing their presence and business. “You’d be surprised how much money a small creator can earn through affiliate programs,” he says. “I know small Creators making $2,000-$3,000 a month just off their affiliate links.”

In addition to his own content creation strategies, his affiliate efforts, and his poptags.gg venture, Muaaz is kicking off a weekly newsletter for creators where he’ll share advice on growing an audience, getting sponsors, and other creator-centric topics.

You'd be surprised how much money a small creator can earn through affiliate programs.”

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