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the ultimate fishing YouTuber

Don't be afraid to try new things. Mix it up. Do long form. Do shorts. Start a podcast. You never know what will take off."


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Meet @BlackWarriorLures, the ultimate fishing YouTuber

In the vast expanse of YouTube’s fishing community, one name that stands out like a well-hooked bass is Damon. With a dedication to turning every fishing expedition into a cinematic journey, this channel has become a beacon for angling enthusiasts seeking more than just a catch—they seek an experience. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the mastermind behind Black Warrior Lures, a YouTuber whose passion for storytelling is as deep as the waters he explores.

For anglers and storytelling enthusiasts alike, @BlackWarriorLures is not just a YouTube channel; it's an invitation to explore, learn, and revel in the unmatched thrill of the open waters.

Starting a YouTube channel is like casting a line into a vast sea of content creators. Damon, however, navigated these waters with finesse. “The Keyword Explorer helped the most at first. It helped get my foot in the door by finding places that had little competition but lots of search queries. From there, it has helped pivot the channel several times over the years. As far as improving content, it still helps me find value for my audience.”

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@BlackWarriorLures has charted a unique course—a course driven by passion an informed by data.

Damon’s commitment to authenticity is evident in every video. “You really don’t know what is going to happen,” they emphasize. This unpredictability translates into an unfiltered and genuine portrayal of the fishing experience—one where success is celebrated, and challenges are met head-on.

From the tranquil lakes to the rushing rivers, Black Warrior Lures takes viewers on a virtual expedition, sharing not just the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of fishing, but the ‘why’ behind the passion. It’s a testament to the belief that fishing is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle, a connection to nature, and an endless exploration.

The most difficult part of making a fishing video is getting the fish to bite.

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