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About Us

The people behind the product

Our Mission.

Being a YouTuber is tough. We want to build tools to make it easier. Our Mission is to make you and the rest of the YouTube Community a happier and more productive bunch.

Our History.

Although TubeBuddy was launched in December 2014, our company has been building tools in the YouTube space for 13+ years now - since before it was even owned by Google!

Our Motivation.

Being a self-funded company means we report to You. Our motivation is to keep you happy and help you succeed on YouTube; not to squeeze every last dollar out of our customers to satisfy an investor.

Our Team.

We're nice people. Except when playing Mario Kart. Then watch out.
  • Phil

    CEO / Dev

    Phil is responsible for the overall vision and direction of TubeBuddy. His background is in software development and he has a free upgrade problem.

  • Eric

    Lead Developer

    Eric is a programming power-house who is responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs and managing deployments.

  • Jim

    Sys Admin / Dev

    As our network admin, Jim handles all server and database related upkeep while at the same time managing our mobile app.

  • Chuck

    Finance / Legal / Dev

    In addition to building out backend admin tools, Chuck is responsible for managing TubeBuddy's finances and legal needs.

  • Andrew

    Video Production / Community

    "The face of TubeBuddy", Andrew is responsible for running our YouTube channel, coordinating live stream events and community management.

  • Katie

    Director of Marketing

    Katie helps TubeBuddy maintain a clear and consistent message as well as managing our blog, marketing, partnerships and events.

  • Hannah

    Affiliate Manager /
    Support Specialist

    Hannah's job isn't done until you're happy. She oversees customer support and helps ensure our affiliates are successful and have what they need.

  • Ike

    Community Manager /
    Customer Support

    TubeBuddy is more than just a product, it's a community. Ike helps moderate the TubeBuddy Forums, Discord as well as email support.

  • Ana

    Front-End Dev / Designer

    Ana's passion for design and experience in coding allows her to not only to create amazing designs & illustrations but implement them as well.

  • Tammi

    Full Stack Dev

    Tammi brings her experience in both front-end and back-end programming to lend her help in all aspects of TubeBuddy development.

  • Jon

    Lead Mobile Dev

    Jon is a mobile development rockstar who is working to bring TubeBuddy's industry-leading browser extention into the palm of your hand.

  • Rob

    Brand Evangelist

    Rob's goal is to ensure that every last creator and business not only knows about TubeBuddy, but finds success on their channel using it.


  • Dusty

    TubeBuddy Express Podcast Host

    Dusty hosts both our weekly TubeBuddy Express Podcast as well a monthly live stream on the TubeBuddy channel helping creators.

  • Daniel

    Crash Test Dummy

    Why aren't you hitting bugs and getting frustrated with new TubeBuddy features? Because Daniel has already test-driven them many times over before they go live.

  • Desiree

    Women of YouTube Host

    Desiree is woman behind the Women of YouTube Podcast. Each week she interviews a new guest who shares her stories and experiences on YouTube.

  • Pat

    Senior UX + Graphic Designer

    Pat is an essential piece of the process from idea to implementation. He's our go-to-guy for elevating TubeBuddy's look and feel.

  • Ed

    Product Evangelist

    Ed helps raise awareness of TubeBuddy's time-saving and performance-enhancing features amongst content organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

  • YOU

    Content Creator

    Nearly everything we build is a direct request from YOU, the creator. Have an idea? Join our community forum and submit it here for consideration!