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About Us

The people behind the product

Our Mission.

We recognize the endless frustrations that people face every day on YouTube's website. Our Mission is to make you and the rest of the YouTube Community a happier and more productive bunch.

Our History.

Although TubeBuddy was launched in December 2014, our company has been building tools in the YouTube space for 12+ years now - since before YouTube was even owned by Google!

Our Motivation.

Being a self-funded company means we report to You. Our motivation is to keep you happy and help you succeed on YouTube; not to squeeze every last dollar out of our customers to satisfy an investor.

Our Team.

Having a small, agile team allows us to move fast.
  • Phil

    CEO / Developer

    Phil is responsible for the overall vision and direction of TubeBuddy. In addition to software development, he manages partnernerships and whatever else may come up day-to-day.

  • Eric

    Lead Developer

    Eric ensures that TubeBuddy is built on a solid foundation. He focuses on backend coding as well as architecting new tools and also helps in various other areas as needed.

  • Jim

    Sys Admin / QA

    As our network admin, Jim handles all server and database related upkeep and optimization while at the same time leading mobile development.

  • Chuck

    Finance / Legal / Developer

    In addition to building out backend admin tools, Chuck is responsible for managing TubeBuddy's finances and legal needs.

  • Andrew

    Video Production / Community

    Andrew brings his video production skills to our otherwise developer-centric group. He's responsible for producing our TubeBuddy Tips & Tricks Series.

  • Katie

    Director of Marketing

    Katie helps TubeBuddy maintain a clear and consistent message across the web and manages all marketing & advertising aspects of the business.

  • Hannah

    Accounts & Support Specialist

    Hannah's job isn't done until you're happy. She oversees customer support and has (almost) all the answers to your questions.

  • Ike

    Community Manager & Support

    TubeBuddy is more than just a product, it's a community. Ike helps moderate the TubeBuddy Forums, Discord as well as helping with support.

  • Ana

    Front-End Dev / Design

    Ana's passion for design and experience in coding allows her not only to create great designs but to implement them as well.

  • Tammi

    Full Stack Developer

    Tammi brings her experience in both front-end and back-end programming to lend her help in all aspects of TubeBuddy development.

  • Dusty

    Podcast Host & Educator

    Dusty hosts both our weekly TubeBuddy Express Podcast as well a monthly live stream on the TubeBuddy channel helping creators.

  • Daniel

    Crash Test Dummy

    Why aren't you hitting bugs and getting frustrated with new TubeBuddy features? Because Daniel has already test-driven them many times over before they go live.

  • Marc

    Senior UX + UI Designer

    Marc brings 7+ years of design experience to elevate the TubeBuddy brand and put together a cohesive, intuitive user experience.

  • Ed

    Product Evangelist

    Ed helps raise awareness of TubeBuddy's time-saving and performance-enhancing features amongst content organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

  • YOU

    Content Creator

    Nearly everything we build is a direct request from YOU, the creator. Have an idea? Join our community forum and submit it here for consideration!