Thumbnail Analyzer: Select Your Best YouTube Thumbnail with Predictive AI

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Carla Marshall
May 9, 2023

Do you want a headstart on attracting more views, subscribers, and watch time on YouTube? An engaging thumbnail is one of the most important factors in that mix.

A custom thumbnail can be hit and miss – especially when you don’t know if a different one could potentially win you tens of thousands of extra clicks. How would you like to:

  • Compare multiple YouTube thumbnails to find the most effective one?
  • Save hours of manual testing to understand what images work for you?
  • Shape your future thumbnail strategy based on data-driven decisions?

Now those goals are available to any creator with TubeBuddy’s brand new state-of-the-art Thumbnail Analyzer tool!

Our groundbreaking AI-driven feature is trained like the human eye to pinpoint what your audience sees first. Use our tool to analyze your thumbnails and predict which will perform better.

How Thumbnail Analyzer Helps You Easily Choose Your Best Custom Thumbnail 

A thumbnail is effectively a mini preview of your video and should reflect what the content will offer the viewer. A solid and well-thought-out thumbnail strategy can really attract the views you’re hoping for. Now TubeBuddy can help you through the whole process. 

Our AI identifies areas of your thumbnails that viewers are attracted to, whether that’s the placement of any text or another aspect within the image. You’ll then receive a predictive score (relative to your current thumbnail) that shows you the likelihood of someone watching your video.

How We Use Heatmaps to Analyze a Winning Thumbnail

YouTube viewers scroll constantly, so you need to capture their attention as fast as possible. Our machine learning overlay heatmaps over your desired thumbnails showing you where your audience will look first.

What advantage does that give you?

Heatmaps provide feedback on what your audience is focussing on. If you want them to focus on your face but are more drawn to the text, you can use that feedback to create a new thumbnail to shift attention to the part of the image you want them to pick up on.  

That gives you an incredible advantage over other creators.

How to Access TubeBuddy’s Thumbnail Analyzer

Open your ‘My Videos’ page via YouTube Studio. Then select “Thumbnail Generator” from the TubeBuddy menu next to the video that you want to generate a thumbnail for.

A Few Things to Know About Thumbnail Analyzer

  • You can save and reuse templates for a clean, consistent look across your video thumbnails
  • Multiple uploads are allowed, although you can only A/B test 2 thumbnails at a time to keep the data as clean as possible
  • It’s free to use up to 5 times for Starter license users
  • There is unlimited usage for Legend licenses and above
  • Access to A/B testing of thumbnails exclusive to Legend & Enterprise users 
  • Free & Pro licensees will receive a free trial of up to 5 thumbnail uploads

Don’t forget that TubeBuddy has its very own Thumbnail Generator too! The feature lets you select either a still frame from your video, an image you’ve uploaded, or just start with a plain background color. You can also add layers to your design and also add emojis or text. You can use these images with our Analyzer.

How to Get the Most Out of Thumbnail Analyzer

With Thumbnail Analyzer, you can leverage the power of  AI insights to improve the chances of your content being watched. It’s a fantastic opportunity for creators to expand their reach and attract new audiences. You can get more information from our video:

 As you consistently use the Thumbnail Analyzer, it gains more and more information about how your audience reacts. It can then provide you with tailored data to help influence your future thumbnails. As you consistently use the Thumbnail Analyzer, it gains more and more information about how your audience reacts. It can then provide you with tailored data to help influence your future thumbnails.

Set your video up for success by selecting the best thumbnail based on a prediction on your video’s performance. Grab your audience’s attention with TubeBuddy’s AI tool. Try it today!

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#1 YouTube Thumbnail Analyzer Feature

Logan Parke
April 17, 2023

Thumbnail Analyzer

#1 YouTube Thumbnail Analyzer

used by the worlds biggest creators and brands

our AI generated heatmap shows you what your audience sees

How cool is that? Our AI generates a heatmap that mimics the human eye so that you can see what parts of your thumbnails are drawing the most attention and what parts are being skipped over. Your thumbnails should be attracting people to view your content and not holding you back. With the Thumbnail Analyzer you can do just that.

compare your old thumbnails to improve your new ones

Are you tired of using the same thumbnail template over and over? Sometimes the smallest changes can produce the biggest results and that's exactly why we created the Thumbnail Analyzer. With this tool you can compare old thumbnails to potential new ones to ensure your thumbnails aren't holding you back.

receive a thumbnail score graded by our AI

Who doesn’t love AI? Ok, a lot of people... but we can promise you are going to love this. When you compare your old thumbnails to potential new ones using our Thumbnail Analyzer tool you will receive an AI predictive score

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how to access feature

Play Video

Step 1

Click on the content tab from the YouTube Studio Dashboard

Play Video

Step 2

Click through to the YouTube video you want to see suggested Shorts for

Play Video

Step 3

Select Thumbnail Analyzer from the TubeBuddy pull-out menu

Play Video

Step 4

Import alternative Thumbnails to receive a predictive score compared to your current Thumbnail

step 1

Click on the content tab from the YouTube Studio dashboard

step 2

Click through to the YouTube video you want to see suggested Shorts for

step 3

Select Thumbnail Analyzer from the TubeBuddy pull-out menu

step 4

Import alternative Thumbnails to receive a predictive score compared to your current Thumbnail

frequently asked questions

What is the TubeBuddy Thumbnail Analyzer tool?

The TubeBuddy Thumbnail Analyzer is a tool that helps YouTube creators optimize their video thumbnails for better engagement and click-through rates. It uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze and score your thumbnail based on several factors, including clarity, contrast, text, and more.

How does the Thumbnail Analyzer work?

To use the Thumbnail Analyzer, simply upload your video thumbnail or enter your YouTube video URL, and the tool will automatically generate a score and provide suggestions on how to improve your thumbnail. You can also compare your thumbnail to top-performing videos in your niche to see how you stack up.

Why is the Thumbnail Analyzer important for my YouTube channel?

Your video thumbnail is often the first impression viewers have of your video, and it can greatly impact whether or not they choose to click and watch. The Thumbnail Analyzer helps you create more effective and eye-catching thumbnails that can increase your click-through rates, which can ultimately lead to more views and subscribers.

Can the Thumbnail Analyzer tool be used for existing videos?

Yes, the Thumbnail Analyzer can be used for both new and existing videos. Simply enter the URL of the video you want to analyze, and the tool will generate a score and provide suggestions for how to improve the thumbnail.

Does the Thumbnail Analyzer tool cost anything?

The Thumbnail Analyzer is available as part of the TubeBuddy Pro and Star plans, which require a monthly or annual subscription fee. However, you can try the Thumbnail Analyzer for free as part of a 30-day free trial of TubeBuddy Pro.

Can the Thumbnail Analyzer be used on mobile devices?

Yes, the Thumbnail Analyzer is accessible from any device with an internet connection, including mobile devices. However, it may be easier to use on a desktop or laptop computer due to the larger screen size.

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