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Women of YouTube Podcast

Inspiring Female Creators on YouTube
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The Women of YouTube Podcast is hosted by Desiree Martinez.
Subscribe to Desiree's YouTube Channel and please enjoy the stories, experiences & knowledge given by the amazing women interviewed in this podcast.

050: Desiree Martinez - Youtube is Work
Sep 15, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I sit down with just you guys for a serious come to Jesus. We go deep into what it takes to be successful on Youtube from views and subscribers to money. I made this episode just for you and compiled all of the tough love and knowledge and help I could fit into one episode. 

049: Shawna and Avrielle - Parenting through Youtube
Sep 08, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, Desiree is joined by mom and daughter team Avrielle and Shawna. Avrielle began her Youtube journey after being inspired by JoJo Siwa and other Youtube stars. Desiree, Shawna, and Avrielle dive deep into Avrielle’s success and how she uses her channel to put so much good into the world. You will definitely get your dose of heart-melting adorable-ness in this episode!

048: Karin Newport - Learning and Growing as a Creator
Sep 01, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube Desiree chats with Karin Newport. Karin creates beautiful videos teaching viewers how to use their iPads to letter, create art, or just get their life organized in a beautiful way. Desiree and Karin dive deep into the challenges of becoming a creator, growing as a creator, and the realness of that trial and error and learning.

047: Karla Gregg - Keep Creating Your Story
Aug 25, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I chat with Karla Gregg about how to stay true to yourself no matter what you are creating. We dive deep into the challenge of creation over algorithm perfection. Karla is such a unique human with a phenomenal story and perspective when it comes to Youtube. 

046: Intentional Success on Youtube with Leah Rae Getts
Aug 18, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Leah about how she and her husband have grown their Youtube channel after being given some bad advice into a successful, income-producing channel and business. Leah and I deep dive into how her channel brings in income and the ins and outs of Youtube content value over mass quantity.

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