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Women of YouTube Podcast

Inspiring Female Creators on YouTube

The Women of YouTube Podcast is hosted by Desiree Martinez.
Subscribe to Desiree's YouTube Channel and please enjoy the stories, experiences & knowledge given by the amazing women interviewed in this podcast.

021: Camille Ritchick - What To Post and What To Keep Off Of Youtube
Feb 25, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Camille about how she figures out what to post on her Youtube channel and what she keeps for just her family. There is a really frustrating and dark side to being a Youtuber and we dive into it.

020: Holly Gillen - The Truth About Perfection and Motherhood On Youtube
Feb 18, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube Holly Gillen about creating great content on Youtube that can help your business grow but also get real about your idea of perfection and what your audience really wants. We also talk being a creator through motherhood.

019: Cassandra Thompson - Using Youtube To Change People’s Lives
Feb 11, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Cassandra Thompson about how she educates people on how to find the career of their dreams through Youtube. She shares with us how she has been able to literally change people’s live because of what she shows up every week to do. 

018 - Angie Atkinson - Success on Youtube Through Vulnerability
Feb 04, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube I talk with Angie Atikinson about how being vulnerable and flawed lead her to over 100,000 subscribers by talking about Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Through her channel she not only supports those in need, but has dealt with many issues that plague women on the internet including bullying, body shaming, and more.

017: Liz Germain - What I Wish I Had Know Before Starting My Youtube Channel
Jan 28, 2020

In this episode of Women of Youtube, I talk with Liz German about what she wishes she knew BEFORE starting her Youtube channel, our love of the Youtube community, and how to deal with a troll that takes things too far.

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