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@KristenBousquet: Blending Artistry with Entrepreneurship

I'm so inspired by my passion of helping creators start and grow their companies. I could talk about it all day!”


Meet @KristenBousquet, master of blending artistry with entrepreneurship

Kristen turned her passion into profit, and she’s helping other creators to do the same. A full-time creator for over five years, she has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge, generating over $400k in brand partnerships alone. Her journey led her to establish Soulcialmate where she helps and mentors other creators looking to transform their online influence into a profitable and sustainable business.

Kristen’s passion for helping creators start and grow their companies is evident in her work. She is inspired by the opportunity to educate others and provide them with the information they need to succeed. Instagram and TikTok offer Kristen opportunities to engage with her audience, but YouTube is where she goes deep with educational and other content.

“The 60-90 seconds you get on Instagram just isn't enough time to give my audience members the information that they need, so YouTube allows me a platform to truly dive deep into educating.”

Kristen uses and recommends TubeBuddy to develop a deeper understanding of optimization and video SEO to increase the visibility of videos. TubeBuddy tools helped her grow when she first got started and today, they save her valuable time by assisting with keyword research and video optimization. In particular, she credits TubeBuddy YouTube Title Generator, which helps her craft compelling titles that viewers can’t help but click and that YouTube’s discovery algorithms can’t help but recommend. 

“Typically, I come up with a concept for my video, record and edit it, and then as I bring it into YouTube, I bring TubeBuddy right up to help me through the entire upload process from generating the perfect title to choosing the best keywords. I've even recently started to use the A/B Testing feature that's helped me narrow down the types of thumbnails that my audience responds best to.”

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Kristen advises creators to start with their passion while pursuing every authentic opportunity to monetize their content and their brand as a creator. 

When it comes to brand deals, Kristen has seen it all. She favors a sustainable approach, advising creators to only partner with brands whose products align with their own brand as a creator, ensuring authenticity by only promoting products they and their audience will genuinely resonate with.

“Affiliate products typically need to be something you talk about often in order for you to see a good return on how much time and energy you're spending on creating the content.”

Kristen's journey from content creator to entrepreneur is a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and strategic use of tools like TubeBuddy. Her story inspires aspiring creators to pursue their dreams, leverage available resources, and create content that not only engages but also resonates with their audience.

We want your audience to be excited about your content, but above all else, YOU need to be excited about your content.

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