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Starting a YouTube channel has been life changing! Opportunities have come my way that I would never have guessed.


177K Subscribers

"Over time, I realized that my audience was global."

With over two decades of experience in video production, Jenn Jager has become a prominent figure in digital content creation as well as an inspiration and mentor to individuals and brands looking to build their own content and video production chops.

“I initially started my first YouTube channel thinking it might serve as a local lead generator for my production company,” Jager said. From that first foray into content creation, she began to see the potential to reach a global audience.

Along the way, Jager has expanded her efforts to include digital products including online courses.

In addition to running her own production house, Plum Productions, which she founded in 2009, Jager is also a sought-after speaker on all things content creation, video production, content marketing, and personal brand

Creating content for content creators

On her main YouTube channel, Jenn Jager(>177k subs), she shares advice, tips, and strategies relating to content marketing, content creation, branding and more. As a seasoned video production expert who clearly still enjoys a hands-on approach, her second YouTube channel, Jenn Jager Pro Tutorials (>26K subs), gets in-depth on production with tutorials focusing exclusively on Apple’s Pro Video apps Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. 

As a successful entrepreneur and content creator by all accounts, Jager makes it look easy. But as aspiring content creators know, it’s not. 

Jager is open with the challenges she faced, especially in the early days of her creator journey. “When I first started YouTube, I was FLOUNDERING,” she said. “I felt like my content was useful but could not figure out how to grow an audience. I used to waste a lot of time making content that had very little audience interest or a lot of competition from other channels.”

In her search for a solution, she found TubeBuddy.

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"TubeBuddy has been a game changer. It's like a roadmap to YouTube success."

Jenn uses TubeBuddy’s suite of tools to optimize every aspect of her YouTube presence. From pre-production planning to post-upload optimization, tools like A/B testing YouTube titles and thumbnails ensure her videos reach their target audience effectively.

This systematic use of TubeBuddy tools has not only streamlined her workflow but also maximized the potential of each video she produces.

“I used to guess what topics might be interesting to my audience, but with TubeBuddy I feel like I can develop an actual strategy,” Jager said. “Keyword Explorer is the absolute most useful tool. I won’t create any content without checking with Keyword Explorer to see if there is audience interest.”

For Jager, it’s all about the right tool for the job. Sometimes, the right tool is the simplest one. “I keep a running list of ideas for both my YouTube channels in the Notes app on my iPhone,” she said, because “you never know when your next big idea is going to strike!”

You never know when your next big idea is going to strike!"

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