@Craig Reynolds Creator Spotlight

Craig Reynolds: Creating to the Beat of His Own Drum

"I don’t watch TV, I just watch YouTube and I figured I have an interesting enough life to document!"


68.1K Subscribers

For Craig Reynolds, AKA @reynlord666, Authenticity is Everything

Craig Reynolds is a dynamic drummer from the UK who plays in the New York-based band Stray From The Path. His multifaceted career includes drumming, podcasting, and vlogging, offering a unique perspective into his life on and off stage. Craig’s passion for sharing his experiences led him to create engaging content that resonates with a wide audience on platforms like Twitch, Instagram, Discord, and of course YouTube where his Craig Reynolds YouTube channel has well over 65K subs.

Craig’s content is a vibrant mix of drumming tutorials, vlogs, and podcast episodes. He makes each video with the viewer in mind, often using TubeBuddy’s suggested tags and the new suggested shorts feature to enhance his reach. His authenticity shines through, making his channel a favorite among fans who appreciate genuine and insightful content. Craig’s advice to creators is to only work with products they truly believe in, as authenticity is key to building a loyal audience.

Craig's YouTube Journey: From Vlogs to Thriving Music Hub

Initially, he used social media to document his life, but he quickly realized that YouTube was the perfect platform to tell his story in greater detail. Inspired by his love for the medium (“I don’t watch TV, I just watch YouTube,” he says) Craig started creating vlogs, tutorials, and podcasts. His authentic approach and engaging content quickly gained traction, helping him build a loyal audience and establish a strong presence. Through perseverance and a passion for storytelling, Craig transformed his YouTube channel into a thriving hub for fans and aspiring musicians alike.

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9% YouTube Growth is Music to our Ears

While his content is fun and often irreverent, he approaches creating both music and content with clear intention. Craig’s YouTube channel has grown by an impressive 9% growth just over the last two months. He credits TubeBuddy for helping him streamline his YouTube workflows and optimize his content using tools like TubeBuddy A/B Testing. By experimenting with different thumbnails and titles, he ensures each video reaches its maximum potential audience.

Craig Reynolds is a testament to the power of passion and authenticity in content creation.

“I figured I have an interesting enough life to document,” he said… and we couldn’t agree more.

Stats don’t lie! Just use it! [TubeBuddy is] soooo helpful, wouldn’t make a video without it now."

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