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Introducing Amy Landino

Amy Landino has been a presence on YouTube for over 15 years, leading her channel, @AmyTV, to inspire ambitious women to pursue their dreams. She is an international keynote speaker and the author of three books, including the morning routine bestseller Good Morning, Good Life.

So it’s funny to think that Amy started her YouTube creator journey almost by accident.  Looking for an easier way to share home movies, she discovered YouTube and thought “this sure beats burning DVDs.” It wasn’t long before she saw the platform’s potential for building community and from there, her influence — and her business — grew.

Amy’s content focuses on practical advice, productivity, personal empowerment, and the time management strategies required to get everything done.

“When you help other creators get better, it makes you better.”

Amy encourages a can-do attitude and a learning mindset in @AmyTV content. Her best advice to those considering a solopreneur and content creation journey is as simple as it is powerful: “don’t hesitate to get started!”

While her content journey may have started with a happy accident, her approach to growing her channel and her business is nothing if not intentional.

Amy attributes much of @AmyTV’s growth to her focus on the "front-facing assets;" video titles and thumbnails that first engage and drive them to click.

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“TubeBuddy helps make sure your work actually gets seen!"

From conceptualizing video ideas to executing them, Amy uses TubeBuddy’s tools to ensure her content connects with her audience preferences.

“The Search Explorer tool has been my go-to favorite strategy tool for YouTube, more than anything else I've ever used."

Amy Landino's journey from sharing home movies to becoming a leading voice in productivity and motivation on YouTube is a testament to the platform itself as well as her own adaptability and dedication.

Her strategic approach, which we’re happy to say includes TubeBuddy, not only enhances her channel's effectiveness but also leads by example, showing other budding creators and solopreneurs what’s possible with a little organization, a little motivation, and a lot of friendly advice.

Don't hesitate to get started!”

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