What is RPM? YouTube’s Monetization Metric Explained

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July 29, 2020
What is RPM? YouTube's Monetization Metric Explained

One of the many benefits of being a YouTube creator is that you are able to earn money from YouTube directly, but it can be really difficult to determine how much you are actually earning on your videos. 
YouTube listened to creators and came up with a new monetization metric called RPM, or Revenue per Mille. This will show creators how much they can earn per 1,000 views.
You can calculate your estimated revenue with the following formula:

All your earned revenue on YouTube x 1000 / total number of views
 All your potential earned revenue through YouTube is:

  • Ads
  • Premium revenue
  • Membership
  • Super chat
  • Super stickers 

Why is this important to you, the creator?
This gives you the most realistic and holistic snapshot of the overall rate at which you earn money on YouTube. Being able to know this will allow for you to review your analytics and your content to see where and how you can improve your content and optimize your monetization strategy. 
Please note! Because RPM is a ratio that includes revenue that is calculated after YouTube’s revenue share and the total number of views, it will typically be lower than your CPM. You shouldn’t see a difference in the actual amount of revenue you make.
RPM is now available for all monetized creators to calculate and start improving their revenue opportunities. 
For a more detailed explanation, check out the announcement on the Creator Insider channel here.