TubeBuddy’s Creator Celebrations – James Montemagno

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December 12, 2020

Meet James.

A developer by trade, James has found his stride helping other developers become successful, while also incorporating a bit of fun and 

We had a chance to talk to James and learn a bit more about his life as a creator.

Tell us a bit more about your channel.
My YouTube channel has been focused on helping developers become successful building mobile apps in C# with Xamarin. I update with developer tips, tutorials, and deep dive content that is original and take time to answer questions from viewers. Since the channel is still “me” technically I like to have fun and create videos around other things that I love such as live streaming, Nintendo gadgets & toys, and podcasting.

Why did you become a creator?
For many years I worked as a developer advocate giving presentations, webinars, and writing blog posts to help developers become successful. Part of my job was and is creating official videos and that sparked a passion for me to learn more and create videos and content that is more personal around who I am, what I like, and put a different spin on how I can teach and help developers become successful. I also wanted to learn new skills such as filming, editing, and promotion, which I think will be very valuable in other aspects of work.

Where do you get inspiration for your videos?
I would say half of my videos are inspired by developers that I interact with via email, forums, or Twitter and craft videos based on their questions. This is really helpful as I know there is a need for the content and viewers that will be interested in it. The other half is around personal things in my life that I am currently doing. So, that may be developer related such as building an app, designing icons, or it may be around something that I am really into that I purchased like the new Game & Watch from Nintendo.

Who are some of your favorite YouTube creators?
I have an interesting blend of creators that I follow on YouTube. I love the work that Iz & Johnny Harris do on their individual channels as they focus on travel, life, conflict, history, it is amazing. I get live stream inspiration from Gaming Careers, my Disney history fix from Defunctland, and my daily inspiration from the cutest Shiba Inu on the internet – Tofupupper.

What one piece advice would you give to your fellow creators?
I would say take some time to really focus on your branding to create a consistent experience across your social media profiles and also your thumbnails. Ideally, someone could pick your profile photo out distinctly and recognize your style of thumbnails if they were blended in a bunch of other ones. I had the privilege to work with a design team on consistent branding and I found it extremely beneficial. 

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