TubeBuddy’s Creator Celebrations – Cindy Serra

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December 4, 2020

Meet Cindy.

A luxury fashion enthusiast with a law degree, Cindy‚Äôs channel, A Heated Mess, takes  a unique spin on the classic Lifestyle channel. She has found a way to incorporate her extensive background and knowledge base into creating a unique perspective on how to get luxury for less.

We had a chance to talk to Cindy and learn a bit more about her life as a creator.

Tell us a bit about your channel.
My channel is all about luxury fashion with a twist! I show how to score amazing deals on luxury fashion through secret sales, vintage bargains, and repurposing and accessorizing affordable designer items to suit your lifestyle, e.g. converting a $72 Chanel makeup pouch to look like a $4000 handbag! I share my stories from my many years working in luxury retail, and expose insider secrets, tips and tricks to help everyday shoppers. I left luxury retail to attend law school and in my new Lux Law video series, I draw on my current employment in the legal industry to analyze groundbreaking lawsuits in the fashion industry!

Why did you become a creator?
I wanted to share my love for luxury designer fashion and beauty with others, and show how attainable it can be for everyone at all price points! Some of my favorite comments are the ones who say they’re not even into luxury bags yet they continue to watch because they find my content about luxury retail employment and fashion law so interesting and different from other videos in this niche.

Where do you get inspiration for your videos?
Window shopping, then researching the best deals to share with my subscribers! My followers are very engaged so I use Instagram stories to get feedback about what they want to see next.

Who are some of your favorite YouTube creators?
Shea Whitney, Erika Vieria, LegalEagle, Vanessa Lau

What one piece advice would you give to your fellow creators?
The one piece of advice I would give to my fellow creators is to create *interesting* and *unique* content that makes viewers return for more! All the ancillaries (thumbnails, tags, fancy editing) can help, but worry less about tricking viewers into landing on your channel through SEO analytics, and instead focus more on putting out videos that get viewers to watch through, binge and subscribe for more!

Connect with Cindy
YouTube: A Heated Mess
Twitter: @aheatedmess