What MrBeast Wants You to Know About Being a YouTube Success

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Carla Marshall
May 20, 2022
What MrBeast Wants You to Know About Being a YouTube Success

MrBeast might be one of the most famous YouTubers to emerge from the platform, but he put in many years of hard work, passion, and dedication to get there. 

A huge number of creators are just starting out on YouTube or want to grow their channels. MrBeast is insanely well-placed and also generous enough to offer invaluable advice to those creators.

As part of TubeBuddy’s International Creator Day celebrations, Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BEN and TubeBuddy, hosted an exclusive interview with MrBeast. We pull out some of the highlights of that chat here, but you can watch the whole interview at the 07:21:02 in our epic live stream.

Your YouTube Videos Probably Suck Right Now

After joining YouTube at age 14, MrBeast had all the confidence of a young creator who thought he was making the best content. It wasn’t until he created and published hundreds of videos that he truly understood what makes one go viral on YouTube. 

The sooner you get better, the sooner that the views will come. Believe in your content, but work on your craft and aim to improve with every piece of content you publish.

Don’t Blame the Algorithm for Failure

MrBeast argued that he’s never seen a channel that’s consistently posting great, engaging content, week after week, and attracting solid retention rates fail to grow.

It’s a common complaint from small (and large) creators that the YouTube Algorithm is somehow to blame for poor click-through rates, views, or subscriber rates, but MrBeast makes an excellent point. YouTube wants your channel to grow, and if you really put the work in, it has every chance to do so.

Keep on Top of Your Analytics and Insights

Checking the retention rate of your video to see how it performs is something every creator should do if they want to grow. Making an educated choice based on what the analytics tell you is an excellent strategy for audience development and channel growth.

MrBeast has grown his channels substantially, so his content almost has a life of its own, but he still checks his CTR and retention rate to confirm he’s done as much as possible. This boils down to two simple – but also complicated – metrics. Did viewers click on the video, and did they watch it?

Aim for a Killer Retention Rate

If you don’t hook viewers at the very beginning, there’s every chance they’re not going to stick around. You might lose up to 30% of your viewers in the first 30 seconds even with a great intro, so you need to fight as hard as you can to keep those who continue to watch, watching until the end.

MrBeast is an excellent example of a creator who took time to hone their craft. You don’t need his kind of $100K+ to perform like him, but aim to improve with each piece of content, and you’ll be on the right path.

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