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The people behind the product

Our Team

We’re nice people. Except when playing Mario Kart. Then watch out.
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Our History.

TubeBuddy launched in December 2014, but we have been building tools in the YouTube space for 16+ years now – since before it was owned by Google!

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Our Motivation.

We report to you. We strive to keep you happy and help you succeed on YouTube; not to squeeze every last dollar out of you to satisfy an investor.

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Our Mission.

Being a YouTuber is tough. Our mission is to build tools that help make you and the entire YouTube community a happier and more productive bunch.

The people behind the Magic

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Illustrations by TubeBuddy user our illustrator icon KathehArts

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Co-Founder / VP Engineering

Eric is a programming power-house who is responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs and managing deployments.

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Vice President of Community

Renee is focused on building a thriving community of TubeBuddies! She oversees community, support, content, brand marketing, and partner relationships.

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VP of Growth

Alex is in charge of all growth programs including A/B testing, lifecycle marketing and paid media.

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Digital Marketing Strategist

Katie helps TubeBuddy maintain a clear and consistent message as well as managing our blog, marketing, partnerships and events.

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Front-End Dev / Designer

Ana's passion for design and experience in coding allows her to not only to create amazing designs & illustrations but implement them as well.

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Full Stack Dev

Tammi brings her experience in both front-end and back-end programming to lend her help in all aspects of TubeBuddy development.

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Social Media Manager

Judah keeps TubeBuddy social by managing our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts (in addition to some customer support on the side).

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Community / Support

Community and Online Creator Support Services

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Senior Software Engineer

Mike builds and maintains the TubeBuddy products.

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Mobile Engineer

Zac writes code to make the TubeBuddy mobile experience more functional, fashionable, and fun!

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Steve Cain

Senior Full Stack Developer

Steve is a developer with several years of full-stack development experience who is responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs and contributing to all areas of TubeBuddy development.

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Tarell Tonev

Customer Support & Community Representative

Tarell responds to customer inquiries and resolves customer issues

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Shelly Nathan

Sr. Manager, Video & Product Expert

Shelly creates educational video content for TubeBuddy, their customers, and their partners.

Advisory Board

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Phil was responsible for the overall vision and direction of TubeBuddy for the first 6 years. He now tinkers on side projects and helps where needed on TubeBuddy.

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Jim built TubeBuddy's original database and server infrastructure. He now tinkers on side projects and helps where needed on TubeBuddy.

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Chuck put our support process in place, handled finance and legal responsibilities and is now chasing down Tiger on the PGA Tour.

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Our Extended Family

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TubeBuddy Express Podcast Host

Dusty hosts both our weekly TubeBuddy Express Podcast as well a monthly live stream on the TubeBuddy channel helping creators.

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Crash Test Dummy

Why aren't you hitting bugs and getting frustrated with new TubeBuddy features? Because Daniel has already test-driven them many times over before they go live.

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Community Moderator

Beanie brings his friendly attitude, calm nature, and artistic values to our forums and livestreams. He can be found helping in all areas of our community.

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Community Moderator

Brave as the name says, is very gallant against trolls. Every community needs a tough lover, and who else to love then Brave? Catch him on the forums, discord, and livestreams moderating.

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Community Moderator

Aaron helps using his graphic background, and critical eye to the forums. Aaron helps our community level up their thumbnails, and welcomes them to the community.

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Product Evangelist

Ed helps raise awareness of TubeBuddy's time-saving and performance-enhancing features amongst content organizations in the U.S. and around the world.